Monday, March 21, 2016


Easter baskets filled with chocolate rabbits, colored eggs and jelly beans
Just what the little ones wished for in their dreams

Toddlers in straw bonnets and dresses frilly
Hunting eggs, playing, and acting silly

Little children running to and fro
Searching for the golden egg they go

Fluffy kittens and pups playing in the grass
rabbits and Chipmunks running away fast

Bunnies and lambs, chicks in pink and green
Swans and fishes swimming in the stream

Daffodils and tulips, lilacs and roses
Gathered together in fancy lace posies

Friends and Families coming to dine
Roast turkey, ham, and blackberry wine

Easter cookies and coconut cake
Hot cross buns in the oven to bake

Happy Easter to one and all
From Harry the Green Cat

Look at my big beautiful Easter basket with lots of yummy eggs!!!!!

Oh, oh, I don't see my chocolate rabbit. Which one of those little brats stole my rabbit?

See how tall my basket is, maybe I can crawl in and sit in my basket?

I counted 6 Easter eggs, wonder what is inside of each one???

Don't you think I Harry make a good looking Easter Bunny? And there is a blue bunny in my basket!!!

I just love these little yellow ducks, and I have three and they are for playing with in the water.

These old fashioned Easter Baskets have been around for a hundred years, I believe.
Hey, maybe the Golden Egg prize is at the bottom of my basket.

I am sad because I don't see that darn Golden Egg in my basket. Those little brats again.!!!!

Sniff, sniff, these eggs are full of candy, I can smell good things to eat.

Holy cow,  I can just barely sit in my basket, and was hoping to be able to nap in it.

 See my best friend Pinky the Flamingo and he loves Easter too, and see his hat and the Golden Egg is buried in Pinky's clay pot. My friend Mickey is here too in a yellow straw hat.
Easter is my very favorite holiday, and don't you love the bunny, and I have named him Blue Boy.

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